Twitter communication

Create content that is educational and engaging. Write about the news, particularly if you’re in a position to smash the news. Stay on top of trends and present clarification that adds to the context.  Use a combination of abbreviation like tweets, and long-form content, like blog posts, to set up yourself as a thought leader.

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Social media scientist says that the utmost time to tweet if you want to be retweeted is Friday at 4 p.m. EST. That’s based on collective data analyzed for millions of retweets.  The commitment levels on your Twitter account may vary based on your industry and other factors.

Create a lively experience for your Twitter audience by counting on different types of media, such as images and videos.

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Twitter is a very reflexive media, but great to build responsive and start dialogues. Live meetings are the most aggressive, and work immensely at common events like different shows, etc. Use Twitter to bridge to more assertive media as soon as you can.

When you see something worth contributing in your stream, just retweet it. This means that you are sharing someone else’s Twitter content with your own group. Retweeting someone else’s content accomplishes two things:

  1. It helps you make more friends on Twitter.
  2. It shows your followers that you’re an active member of the online community

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Publish the original tweet in your followers’ streams. The tweet will appear exactly as it did when it was first tweeted, the significance will appear to come from the person who initially tweeted.

While viewing a tweet, just click on the Reply button. Click Tweet. The post will be available to your followers as if it came from you. Many users prefer this process of retweeting because it’s better in building your own brand.

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Direct tweets are one-to-one posts as opposed to one-to-many. So, these tweets are more special by nature. Use direct tweets to build strong relationships and to communicate important messages. The higher your score, the more significant and appropriate are to others in the sphere of social.

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Twitter Practices for Business

Some Twitter users make the most of the social media site to make their company brand or generate leads. There are bloggers who use the policy to share ideas and articles and to see what others are writing about. Defining your point will help you decide whom to follow and what sort of information to share.

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As there are lot many Twitter users tweeting information every second. In spite of trying to immerse it all in and repurpose everything, focus on the excitement you have for. When you have zeroed in on your reason and obsession, choose how you want the Twitter world to analyze you.

If your objective is to persuade, encourage or advertise, your approach should be communication based. You are working with the desire to draw attention, here, you must tweet, send message, connect with other users or just concentrate on getting information out in the Twitter world.

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When you are signing up, you will need to fix on your Twitter name,  that is how people will tag you in tweets and eventually how you will be known on Twitter

Use your close-up headshot or a business logo which you will perfect that people should recognize. This image will illustrate on your profile page and subsequently to any comment you make on Twitter.

If you are using a logo, try not to make it too wordy, or it will not be clear on the small image size. Your image can be formatted as a gif, jpg or PNG.  The size limit for uploading any image is 700KB.

Twitter Cover photos

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To change your profile image, click on the gear icon located at the top of the page, and select “edit profile.” Next to “Photo” select “Upload photo” starting from the drop down. Upload your photo from your PC.

You can change the twitter header with the same procedure.

Hashtags are a tool that makes words additionally searchable. In order to create a hashtag just need to place a # before a word. Hashtags allow the Twitter users to tap into a Twitter-wide conversation. No doubt Hashtags are a practical way to get your tweet out to people who are really interested in its main subject.

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You can create content that is revealing and engaging. Write about industry news, particularly if you’re in a condition to break the news. Stay on top of the trends and offer comments that adds context.

Aim at keeping your tweets to about 100 characters to leave room for the links and hashtags and to add to the probability that somebody will retweet the content you have posted.

Header Guidelines for Social bookmarking profiles:

Your business needs convincing cover photos on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, & LinkedIn to make an initial impression strong. Every network has rules about its working, and every network has it’s own size requirements.

Facebook Cover Photos

Rules to change Facebook cover photo’s are:

All Facebook covers are public. This means that everyone who visits your Page will be able to view the cover used by you. Covers can’t be misleading, disingenuous, or contravene to anyone else’s copyright. You cannot promote people to upload your cover to their personal timelines. Covers may not comprise of images with more than 20% text.

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Analyzing the accomplishment of your Facebook page:

With both Facebook and Google+, whilst a visitor clicks on the cover image, they will be offered with a right sidebar area to have a look at the caption from the source, along with the comments written by others.

Google+ Cover Photos

Google Plus has the major image size of cover images and is 2120 x 1192px. Images are at a 16:9 resolution, which relates to many laptops and even televisions. However, when a guest first load a page or profile, only the bottom 1/3 or so is displayed. We have to keep in mind that we have to place significant content near the bottom of the image only.

Twitter cover photos

One day you will miss me

LinkedIn Cover Photos

LinkedIn has not mentioned the requirements on the image to be used on Company Pages, but has specified formatting: PNG, JPEG, or GIF; max size 2 MB. The image must be 646 x 220 pixels or larger. You can also crop the image once it’s uploaded.

Twitter Cover Photos

Twitter has not mentioned the requirements either. But for twitter header the general size of image isis 520 x 260 PX.

twitter covers

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Social Media Sizing Resource:

To a certain extent dated listing of a lot of social networks can be found at Lunametrics.

twitter banners

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How to change or remove the header photo

  1. Go to profile settings
  2. Click the change photo button.
  3. You will get the option to upload, take or remove the existing photo
  4. Position and size the photo as per the specifications and then upload the same.
  5. Here you will find the notification that your photo has been successfully uploaded to your profile.

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Twitter trying to add Twitter cover photos

Twitter just changed its profile trying to make it similar to that of Facebook Timeline cover photos gave us our first taste of social networking profiles for companies that could visually represent the brand name and, more importantly, the individuality of a business. Spicing up profiles on the majority of other networks was left to imaginative descriptions and inspired content.

Twitter cover photos

Painting stairways

With the changes launched, Twitter started to look more like Facebook, a move that’s great for brand names trying to showcase themselves better on the network. For every individual business and agency, this presents several opportunities not to be overlooked.

1. Meaningful Twitter header image. More-meaningful header images give guests greater knowledge of whom and what you represent on Twitter. For nonprofits, this could transform into a switch every month of the photo to highlight an impact you’ve made on the community, with the help of updates photos of projects and outreach programs.

Twitter headers


2.  To be comprehensible about the services you offer. Businesses can use the characteristic to reduce the possible misconception of their collective offerings. The header image can be used to further describe a business. Trade names can lead to uncertainty about specialization, and while the image at the back provided a way to communicate, the header image provides a more definite space to present a business evidently.

Twitter Banner

Starry Night

3. A chance to get innovative. Timeline cover photos give designers and creative’s a chance to assimilate the profile and cover photos and display a cool, joint piece. The same can be done with the header and the avatar on Twitter.

4. Individuals can have a reliable brand look. If you or your clients prefer to remain reliable across all profiles that relate back to your company, it’s a probability to apply one look to all affiliates so profiles are straight away recognizable.

The header image gives digital groups more power to create a Twitter-designed page that best works for the client. This allows background designs to be extra visual and less data demanding, allowing the header to represent data in a remarkable location. And it’s fun, proving that social media is visual. The updated Twitter profile gives businesses an opportunity to showcase their brand name and tell their story beyond a 160-character bio or a 140-character tweet.

To change to the new look, just edit your profile, and you’ll find a place where you can upload a header photo under “Design.” Twitter plans to exchange all profiles in coming months.

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Twitter changed the way of our livings

Like Facebook, twitter earned its name very quickly all over the world. These days twitter is famous among everyone of any age. Commonly people use Twitter to follow the persons whom they admire or their favorite celebrities. Business men use twitter to promote their brand or to keep an eye on their competitors. Youngsters use this technology to be in contact with their friends, family or to have fun.

Twitter Banners

Get an electric shock

Twitter changed the life of every person. A few years ago, people had to wait for the news to get updated about the recent activities of their favorite celebrity or for about day to day update. But now they just have to login to their twitter profiles to keep themselves updated about the recent activities of their subscribers. Now we can see more changes in twitter , we can access twitter through our Smartphones as the twitter app is already launched for the android, windows and iPhone users. So when anyone tweets, you get a notification message on your Smartphone. The few  things that I like in twitter, or I love using twitter for the following reasons:-

Twitter Header


1)      Twitter let us to send 140 characters update to our followers. So if you want to tweet, then your tweet must be of max. 140 characters.  Characters more than 140 are not acceptable in twitter. In case you have to post any link, then you have to post the short link of that particular url which can be generated from short lengthen tools.

Twitter banners

Shoes graysclae

2)      Twitter interface is very user friendly. You can share your tweets according to you. The most interesting thing in the twitter is the option to change twitter banners. You can change them according to your choice, need or your mood. There are lots of interfaces or websites from where we can download these banners to upload them on our profiles. These images attract the viewers to view our profile. These make our profile more interesting. But it’s suggested that the users should use twitter banners according to their profile. If some common man is using twitter, then he/ she can go for any kind of banner. But if some organization is using Twitter to promote their brand than they twitter header should be of that particular brand. The twitter header and background of the profile should be the image of that particular brand. Otherwise people will not understand that what that particular organization is trying to promote. So in simple words, it is advisable to use twitter banner according to their job.

Twitter Cover


Twitter header                                 twitter banners

Few Twitter Covers providers

Few days back, I visited my friend’s twitter profile and thought why I am enjoying surfing his profile. While surfing I was not getting that why I am enjoying it. After few days something strikes to my mind that my friend has uploaded a cover image on his profile. That made his profile something different and more interesting.

Twitter banners

Japan Tokyo

It made me spend more time on his profile. After this I get very furious about how he had uploaded a Twitter Cover Photo on his profile. When I came back to my home, the first thing I did, I turned my system and visited my friend’s profile again. I was shocked after seeing that the creative is changed. This made me more curious about that how he uploaded this image. So that I can upload them on my profile and can make my profile more interesting.

Twitter Headers

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I started searching on the internet. I found some articles regarding this. And started following the steps mentioned in that article. Now I came to know that how to upload or change the Twitter Cover Photos. Now my next step Is to find some good creative’s And you know what I found, was the new images.  After searching for more than half an hour, I found very interesting website i.e. This site covers Twitter banners of each category. The website is user friendly. You will find each category in the menu form.

Twitter Cover Photos

Photo Manipulation

Just click on the tab and you will be redirected to the page of the particular category.  After that you have two options for uploading the Twitter Banner, whether you download that particular cover photo or you can go for the option use as Twitter Cover Photos. These options will be highlighted when you will bring the mouse pointer over those images. This is the best site that I found while searching.  I surfed the complete website and looked out different banners. I found so many banners, I wish I can upload all of them on my profile at a time but we have to choose one. So after deciding I finally uploaded my twitter banner  on my twitter profile.

Twitter Covers

Mac Windows


Twitter cover photos                      Twitter banners

Few steps to control spam.

Today, it’s a very disappointing time when we see extreme sexism feed with in the tech communities, from an industry leader and advertising partner with whom we work with quite extensively: Twitter.

Twitter header

Coffee beans

Like many companies, we run Twitter advertisements to attain new companies, developers, clients, internal employees or freshers. Mixtures of male and female advertisements are posted by them to attract their subscribers. Some of the users might use them as a disadvantage of Twitter. The images of both men and women are taken extremely professionally and made sure they looked sharp, well dressed and happy. But people use these images as spam-my content. They use these images to spam the others profile. So Twitter has announced spam control button with the help of which spam can be controlled to some extent. This spam control button will be placed below each feed, post or tweet. So if some one will post spam content the viewer can report to the Twitter team by clicking on this spam control button.

Twitter Cover Photos

Barn Owl

This spam button will also be used for the images. Some people post images or upload their twitter headers related to sexism which acts as spam for the other users. So if any user will see any image of twitter header related to this content they can inform the twitter team just by clicking the spam control button.

Twitter covers


Today there are lots of websites from where we can get the twitter covers to upload on our profile. then I don’t know why the people believes in spam content. Its a very serious matter so every one should be aware of this matter. If any one on the twitter see spam content he / she should directly report to the twitter team. So that twitter team can take an action against that spammer. To download twitter covers for your profile or to make your profile more attractive, you can visit website  Twitter cover Photos